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Add Accent Marks

Do you know the meaning of these words?

       á la mode       pinăta       vis-á-vis *

These are foreign words that have been incorporated into English. Sometimes foreign words include an accent mark.

To insert these special marks in a Word document:

  1. Highlight the letter you wish to accent
  2. Click Insert > Symbol
    the Symbol Box will appear
  3. Choose the Symbols tab
  4. Choose:
    Font: (normal text)
    Note: If you choose a specific Font, it may NOT require a subset -- look at your options carefully
    Subset: Latin-1
  5. Look for the letter/symbol combination. In most cases, they are available in both lowercase and uppercase
  6. Click on the letter/symbol combination
  7. Click Insert (bottom right)
  8. Click Close (bottom right)

Your accented letter will be there!

*Answer: French for "served with ice cream"; Spanish for "clay pot"; French for "face-to-face"]

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