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Do you have critically important information you need your employees to learn?

Are you having trouble creating an E-Learning program that sticks?

Do you wish your training modules were simpler, more direct, and delivered real results?

If you said yes to any of this, keep reading.

Norma worked on getting our instructor led course (Risk Management) to an eLearning course and I found her a very collaborative, responsive, and a results driven partner.
Lindsay M., Pharma Industry, NJ

Like so many others in this field, I also "fell" into training. I once helped an instructor at a class for Novartis, and realized, "Hey, being on stage and teaching is fun!"

This revelation led me to a 22+ year career in Instructional Design, E-Learning, classroom facilitation and organizational development. It also led me to the Presidency of the Chicagoland Chapter of the Association of Talent Development.

And, along the way, it led me to starting my own business, so I can help you with your learning solutions.

Female medical professional in scrubs
(Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists)
Norma worked with us re-designing our courses and putting them into Storyline 360. Presenting material in an eLearning environment was new to us and she made it so easy for us to understand.
Nick Crofut, Founder at CRNA Today, MI

Here's how we work together to solve your training needs:

  • We do a deep dive to understand what your desired outcomes are. What's the best-case scenario to build your training program and deliver results? That drives the bus on everything.
  • I work with your SMEs to understand how your organization operates, what you need from your employees, and how to best communicate these needs and expectations.
  • I create an E-learning program that's easy, direct, user-friendly, interactive, engaging, and, most of all, effective. When your learners engage in the module, they'll absorb everything.

Sample 1

This sample provides information on a topic, a scenario demonstrating that topic, a course summary, and a review.

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Sample 2

This sample provides scenario-based activities and fun characters while learning to solve a problem quickly.

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Sample 3

This sample provides in-context questions (engaging interactions) while the learner views a video on a topic in their industry.

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Sample 4 – Articulate Rise 360

This sample provides the learners on a specific topic or technique in the shortest amount of time. It is also known as "microlearning" and often viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

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Creating great learning is my passion, my joy, and my happy place. It's what gets me up in the morning. It's what makes me grateful for the career I've had, and the opportunity to work with companies like yours.

I would be delighted to bring this joy and experience to your organization, and help you create a learning experience that will stand the test of time.

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Norma Kaplan

Association for Talent Development Chicagoland President, 2009

CHICAGOLAND CHAPTER - Association for Talent Development